Teaching respect for adults step by step

Teaching respect for adults

Teaching respect for adults is one of the main values that we need to teach kids. It is not so easy as you might be thinking, and that’s why we are going to tell you everything you need to know! Also, check our previous articles about the importance of PE at school and the importance of sports at school

Respect is one of the behavioural values such as courtesy, kindness so that you can avoid those bully and unbalanced children. The important thing is that you teach your children early to respect others. And there are some ways to teach. Let’s see!

Teaching respect for adults: Step by Step


Teaching respect for adults is crucial to have great results, and earlier you teach them, better! You must teach the value of respect for elders from the early years of children as soon as they are available to communicate and shape their behaviour.Teaching respect for adults step by step

For example, when they interrupt a conversation, parents should call them the attention and ask them to wait for them to finish their conversation and then say what they want.

Teach them to use good manners at home every day. It is imperative that they realise they have to use them not only in the grandparents’ house but in your home too!

Teach them to respect the privacy of others. For example, when you are with your bedroom door closed, tell them to knock before opening.

Teaching respect for adults: Give the example

Children learn by repetition, so it is very important that you give them a good example. It is very important, for example, that children know to take care of their mother with respect, honour her through her teachings, hear the differences, learn to respect them, among others. This is the expected behaviour when also adults respect the child.

Also, it is very important to teach them to listen carefully. To do this, listen to them too, even if it is sometimes difficult to hear their stories of babies. Ideally, turn off the TV when you are talking about, forget the cell phones and the computer.

It is important to focus on what the child is saying, as well as the feelings they have. So they will know how important is to give attention to what they are saying, and this is one of the bases of respect.Teaching respect for adult

Teaching respect for adults: Be honest

Honesty is also a way of showing respect for others. Communicate clearly, but always be gentle. It is very important that they realise that even when we are not in agreement, we need to treat each other with kindness, as it is very important to recognize the faults!

Tell them how important it is to respect diversity, it can be of cultures, worlds, realities, political, among others. For it is very important that you give them the opportunity to live with different realities so that they end up finding all natural.

Don’t forget to correct children when they have a bad behaviour, but it is also important that you teach them what is their space, the best words to use, and the tone of their voice. Following these steps you are  Teaching respect for adults!

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