Scooting your way to school tips

Scooting your way to school

Scooting your way to school is great, especially for those not yet able to cycle. It encourages active travel from an early age, which is great to avoid sedentarism (check our article about the importance of PE at school), and it develops skills which will also support with cycling. Well, the best part is that it is just fun, and kids love it. 

We know kids love different things, and scooting your way to school is a great way to ensure that fun! This way you can put together fun and health because it encourages kids to exercise. It contributes to that hour of physical activity per day, so it helps kids to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is also great to reduce the number of cars on the road which is awesome to easing congestion at the school gate, and it is not expensive. In fact, it is inexpensive, so you can save some money too! Scooting your way to school tips

Nowadays it is widely spoken the importance of preserving the environment. Well, scooting your way to school is just a way to avoid smoke emission deriving from cars.

There is no doubt that there are many benefits of scooting so we have the need to encourage this form of travel (and not only to and from school but in as many ways as possible).

Scooting your way to School – Encourage it to enjoy all the benefits! 

Now that you realise actually exist many benefits of going from scoot to school, a question shall be assaulting your head: “But is it safe?”

About it, I can tell you that yes, provided that your child knows how to do this. For this, several local authorities have developed training for your kids to learn not only to ride a scoot but to learn traffic rules and safety to avoid accidents.

Even in schools there are some training in place, as indeed scooting your way to school has countless benefits for everyone, not just for you!Scooting your way school tips

You have at your disposal, e.g.:

  • Training packs to answer an increasing need for scooter skills (during the school or after-school);
  • Brief Scooter Skills (one-hour session);
  • Scooter Skills Levels (three one-hour sessions on scooter control, road behaviour, and priorities at streets);
  • And many other!

It is important that you encourage responsible scooting. That’s why it is very important that you enroll your kid into a scooter training course which offers practical scooter skills.

You can also establish pre-planned playground activities so your child develops scooter skills, as well as they know the importance of scooting safely.

You must organise regular scooter safety and make a basic check to your kids’ scooter. This way you ensure your scooter has its maintenance is up to date!

Following all these steps you can feel confident, in addition to preparing your child in order to scoot safely for them and for those around him. So, scooting your way to school is the best way to get all the benefits!

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