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Scared to go back to school?

Scared to go back to school? Should you be worried if your child refuses to go to school? That’s what we are going to tell you in this post. Find everything here, and don’t forget to have a look at our previous posts about advantages of using school uniforms and teaching respect for adults

When school starts children start spending more time with colleges than with family, and it can be stressful. While some children like to spend time with friends away from family, others seem to see it annoying and refuse to live away from home. So…they avoid school!

Is your child Scared to go back to school? 

Scared to go back to school? What to do?


Children can show symptoms like Stomachs, headaches, dizziness or nausea, they should be seen by a doctor if they persist having diarrheic, vomiting, weight loss… they can have physic basics but in the case of avoiding school, they are unreal and exist during the week but not on weekends.Is your kid Scared to go back to school?

Children complain having to go to school, some because of the anxiety get stressed or have school phobia!

Scared to go back to school? Common symptoms:

  • Problems with others children like they complain about being too short or too fat
  • Fear of failing
  • They say that the teacher doesn´t mean anything
  • Physical harm
  • Anxiety with toileting in a public bathroom

Most of the time they are badly diagnosed as they don´t know how to express uncomforted things about school but many little ones persist along a while after starting school.

What shall we do?

To start, go to a doctor and check if the symptoms are fake about with avoiding school or if they are a physical illness. After that, parents should try to understand his kid, and try to comfort him and try to get him back to school without stress.

Helps you can take for helping your child:

Talk with your child about the reasons why she is Scared to go back to school and she doesn’t want to go to school, and try to resolve the problem the two of you.

Tell your little one you understand his fear but insist he must go back to school. Tell him that it is ok that he feels hungry with his schoolmates but that school is crucial to our lives and that he must go back to school, try to keep him at home the less time as possible so that the going back don´t get worse.scared to go back school

Talk about your child behaviour at school with his teacher and nurses, so that you can plan with them and ask them support.

Don´t keep asking your child how he feels every morning, try to take him to school and the regular journey will become easier.

Talk with your child when the fear is severe, and plan with him going a half day to school and another day all day to school, try to dissolve fear into nothing.scared go back school

Ask your doctor to note on the symptoms your child has so that he won´t feel embarrassed at school with the symptoms he has at home, and give him courage when he fears the symptom and gets over it.

If your child insists being at home, and if he is still Scared to go back to school, make sure he is safe and comfortable, but he should not receive any special care for being at home, he should always be encouraged to go back to school and not stay at home.

Hope I have helped you with this post. Is your child Scared to go back to school? 

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