best workshops for year 6 kids

Popular workshops for year 6 kids

Do you want to know the most popular workshops for year 6 kids? We are going to show you the best workshops for little kids with 6 years old! Are you curious? Take a look at this post and find the best ones! If you want to surprise your little one offer him a birthday party magician! Don’t forget to have a look at our posts about applying for a school place and planning a kids party at school.

The summer holidays are coming and keeping your kids entertained is very tough. That’s why we are here, to give you some great ideas to make your little ones have lots of fun. Check the most popular workshops for year 6 kids. 

Most popular workshops for year 6 kids


Workshops are great to make your kids have lots of fun, and there are many kinds of them, so you can enrol your little one in the ones he likes the most. Check the most popular workshops for year 6 kids. most popular workshops for year 6 kids


There is not even one child who doesn’t like to spend some time painting. These painting workshops are excellent to offer your kid a fun way to learn the basics of painting.


Does your child love nature? If so, the gardening workshops are awesome. There, kids learn how to plant, how to identify trees, flowers, and other plants, and they learn to respect the environment.

I am sure your little ones will love to spend some time in the middle of the mother nature!


And what about dancing? There are some dancing workshops in the UK where kids learn some fun choreographies. There is nothing funnier than dancing with our pairs, right? So, if your child loves to dance, find where you can enrol her in these workshops. best workshops for year 6 kids


The cooking workshops are a great way to encourage your children to eat properly.

Did you know that when children participate in the confection of food feel more likely to eat what they did?

For the same reason, when your children learn to cook healthy foods, they will look at food in a different way, and will be more open to trying foods that before did not like, and feel more willing to try new foods.


Theatre workshops are fabulous and it is one of the most popular workshops for year 6 kids.  The theatre helps a lot in the development of smaller, since increase self-esteem, help in learning to read, in developing the reading habit, and it is excellent to share experiences, experiencing different cultures and social realities among many other advantages.


How about enrolling your child in a workshop of science? It can be a great way to encourage children to the passion for science.

They will be able to do scientific experiments (logically controlled by adults, having no associated risk), and they will learn some basics of science, chemistry, and many of them even astronomy.

I’m sure they will love it!

What did you think about our selection of workshops? Do you think your little one would like any of them? Hope I have helped you with the most popular workshops for year 6 kids! 

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