Importance of PE at school

it is undeniable the importance of PE at school. Most probably more than half of the children have no physical activity, and therefore even more important is the school provide this type of class. Physical activity is essential to keep our bodies healthy, including children. The full development of the body requires, in fact, enough physical activity. So it is very important that we guarantee that our children practice some sport. Continue reading Importance of PE at school

Applying for a school place

When there comes the time of chosen a good school for your kid, where should we start? How to applying for a school place? Looking for a place in a school for your kid can take your nerves off, this isn´t simple. The tip is to look as soon as possible because as it is hard as there´s a need to put your child in a list around six months before and wait for a place for him. Continue reading Applying for a school place