the importance of sport in school

The importance of sports in schools

The importance of sports in schools is greater than you might be thinking. Sport should be in children’s lives every day, but unfortunately, this does not happen to all of them. And so the school has a crucial role in respect to ensuring the minimum active life for the kids. As kids love sports, check this article about sports parties for kids, and also take a look at our previous article about  the importance of PE at school and scooting your way to school.Keeping our kids active with sport and physical activity is very important for their health, helping the development of practices and styles of healthier life, especially nowadays, where childhood obesity reaches worrying numbers.

And that’s why we are here, telling you  The importance of sports in schools! 

The importance of sports in schools: For Healthier Kids! 


Although everyone speaks of the importance of the practice of sport for health, when we look at the sport practiced in school, along with other classmates, many more benefits it can bring. See some more features about The importance of sports in schools! the importance of sports in schools life


The physical and sporting activity allow young people to have direct contact with other children and go well beyond the basic rules of a particular sport. Incidentally, this civic dimension goes beyond the boundaries of sport and school.

Children learn the rules of cooperation and healthy competition, the responsibility values and team spirit, effort to achieve their goals or the importance of fulfillment of individual and collective goals .the importance of sports in school


In the practice of school sports exists an individual and collective commitment of students and teachers, allowing the construction of links between children and young people with the school as an institution. In other words, children start to see the school as a space that gives them the opportunity to develop their physical, relational and cognitive skills.

For The importance of sports in schools, it should be seen less as an alternative to learning in core curriculum subjects, but rather as a platform from which must be worked the transversality of the habits that make the good sporting performance.the importance of sport in school


When students and teachers are able to transfer the continued work and methodical discipline characteristic of sporting success for the other aspects of their lives, the quality of teaching and learning will have all chances to rise, as well as school results of children will improve.

For all these reasons, we can say that the importance of sports in school is related not only to a good physical development of children, as is a strong ally for the social development of children, and encourage them to improve in all aspects of school life, and out of school too.

There is no doubt that having an active life is very important for children, and adults too! When we see our children suffering from childhood obesity, is even more urgent to emphasize this importance of sport.

For all the reasons mentioned above, the school sports becomes a crucial pillar for the development of children, making them physically, mentally, and socially healthy. Hence the importance of sports in school!

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