the importance PE at school

Importance of PE at school

it is undeniable the importance of PE at school. Most probably more than half of the children have no physical activity, and therefore even more important is the school provide this type of class. Physical activity is essential to keep our bodies healthy, including children. The full development of the body requires, in fact, enough physical activity. So it is very important that we guarantee that our children practice some sport.

The benefits of practising some physical activity go well beyond the successful development of our body. In fact, the successful development of our emotional and mental part is intrinsically connected to a physical activity.

The importance of PE at school

the importance of PE at school

The advantage of PE lessons is because there are a monitoring and guidance of this physical activity so important for our children.


The importance of PE at school is thus directly related to the active fight against obesity, diabetes, asthma, sleep disorders and all diseases related to sedentary lifestyle. One of the biggest advantages to staying active is the benefits for healthy cardiovascular function. But is not limited to this factor. Also has a great influence on the proper functioning of muscles, bones and joints.

Academic Performance

Although many parents justify the attitude of children to dismiss the PE classes, it is a serious mistake. In fact, several studies have shown that the practice of a sport helps to improve academic performance. The regular practice of sport at school is associated with higher levels of concentration.the importance PE at school

Social Assimilation

The importance of PE at school goes even further. Such activities help children develop social interactions in a healthier way, as they learn the value of cooperation and apprehend a positive sense of identity. The fact that they play sport at school together causes them to be more generous and understanding with each other, learn to work as a team, and even learn to be more tolerant of others.

Mental Health

The benefits of PE to a child’s mental health are undeniable. In fact, it is not an obvious thing nor a conclusion that is reached easily, but several studies have proven the link between sport and the mind.
Already the Romans said “mens sana in corpore sano” which means healthy mind in a healthy body. If you go back in time a bit and go back to our history lessons, we can see that the classical civilizations have reported the importance of sport in the lives of adults and children.importance PE school
In addition to all the benefits mentioned above about the importance of PE at school, the practice of physical activity also contributes to a good night’s sleep, unlike that obesity is directly linked to sleep apnea.
If the child does not rest (and adults too!) they are with the altered mood, irritable, and less prepared for the next day. Then we can say that sports practice is also linked to more energy for daily activities.

As you see the benefits are endless. By offering these classes for little ones in schools we will be encouraging a more active lifestyle, and consequently healthier, which in itself shows the importance of PE at school.

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