the importance of making friends at school for kids

The importance of making friends at school

Do you know the importance of making friends at school? In this post we are going to tell you how important it can be for little ones. You also might like to have a look at our previous posts, such as tips to help your children with homework and creating a good environment for studying at home.

Humans are social beings and need to interact with other people so they can get to know themselves better and to understand what needs to be changed (about themselves or others).

It’s the social interaction that helps us to understand the society around us and allows us to integrate into it.importance-of-making-friends-school

In this, friends have a very important role. It is thanks to their presence that we feel confident in our own skin.

Regardless of the similarities or differences between people, friends are there to show us that is possible to be understood by people different from us and people who have different backgrounds and being accepted by them.

The importance of making friends at school: Make it special! 


For some people, friends are important because they help us to not feel alone and to share experiences, but the importance of making friends at school is more than this.

  • a friend must be there for all moments, both bad and good, fun and scary, happy and sad;
  • for others, friends are essential for keeping a good state of mind
  • we need to feel comfortable with a friend to talk about whatever we want and to share our fears and they are also essential to support us when we are feeling down or bad about something!

How to make friends? When can we call someone our friend? But what is the importance of making friends at school?

Well, making friends is not as simple as it looks, we say somebody is our friend when we have a strong bond of trust, and when we feel very comfortable around them; we are, for example, able of telling them our secrets or to be at our “worst” aspect without them judging us.

So, now we know the importance of making friends at school

Making friends varies with the capacity that we have of trusting people.the importance of making friends at school for kids

Usually we make friends in the social circles that we attend because we can get to know people with the same interests or aspirations as us for example: at school we can get to know a lot of people and make friends that are about our age, at a reading club we know others that also like to read, at music classes we know people that also like music and we can have fun together playing our instruments.

Nowadays we notice a rising of virtual friendships with the frequently used social networks. This is called also a friendship because people get to know each other but the face to face element is out so we can only know the other person for what she tells us, we won’t share the same embarrassing, fun, sad experiences the same way as we would if they met other ways than through a screen.

It is also relevant to say that we also see some people paying more attention to enemies than to their friends that should be cared the most. As the writer Elie Wiesel said: “Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating to obsession, friendship is never anything than sharing”.

What about you? Are friends important and what is friendship for you? Tell us the importance of making friends at school!

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