idendify bullying at school

How to Identify Bullying at School

This post will show you How to Identify Bullying at School. A question a lot of parents make nowadays in order to make sure their children are okay, and not dealing with difficult problems at school. Enjoy this post, and do not forget to have a look at some of our previous posts, such as how to help your children with homework or the importance of making friends at school. You might also like to check this post about frozen party

How to identify bullying at school: Step by step

Most bullies have problems at home, usually with a family that’s has issues, both emotional and psychological.

This makes it difficult for them to feel good with themselves and, because they cannot let the tension out at home, they take it out on other kids at school.

How to Identify Bullying at School step by step

We will give you some very helpful and simple hints on How to Identify Bullying at School.

These are some signs your child might have bullying problems at school:

  1. They change their eating habits, eating much less or much more.
  2. They start sleeping badly, with bad dreams or insomnia.
  3. They suddenly start to wet the bed. This is a response of fear that usually manifests itself when sleeping. Their brains engage in this mechanism, because they start to lose control of things and fell less, they feel vulnerable.
  4. They become withdrawn, not wanting to talk about stuff and start spending more time alone. This is an indicator because they might get scare that of they talk something will happen to them. They become embarrassed about it and so they won’t say anything – this a special aspect on How to Identify Bullying at School.
  5. Their behavior changes, sometimes even becoming aggressive at home with the parents or siblings.
  6. They start to worry about going to school or they start doing less well, lowering their grades and caring less about it. This might be an indicator that their bully is in his class.
  7. They start appearing home with broken gadgets and other possessions or some of them go missing.

These are some important signs on How to Identify Bullying at School.

idendify bullying at school

Keep in mind that bullying is not only physical aggression, it is, most of the times, a psychological pressure used on vulnerable children.

It might even start with this, passing on to physical aggression, because the bullies now know they can do it, their victim is now submissive.

In order to prevent this you need to let your kids know and feel they are secure with you, that they don’t need to be fearful. It is also very important to help them build their self-esteem and confidence, by expressing themselves and giving them freedom to make their mistakes.

Ask yourself if your kid has any of these problems – like low self-esteem or constant sadness, not defending himself.

Be communicative with them and let them know they can trust you plainly, because a lot of times this does not happen – for a lot of reasons.

Don’t forget to pay attention to changes at home like a divorce, a fight between parents or a bad vibe between them, another baby who gets all the attention. Hope we have helped you on How to Identify Bullying at School.

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