How to help your children with homework

Check How to help your children with homework and do not get nervous anymore. I am sure with these great tips you are going to succeed helping your little one. Enjoy! Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as the importance of making friends at school and tips to help your children with homework. I suggest you have a look to these great kids parties venues. You are going to make a huge success this year. 

Although school is the primary study environment for your child, participation in school activities is critical to his or her school performance.

Several studies have shown that parental encouragement results in a significant increase of about 15 percent.


However, this does not mean that parents should do their children’s homework, or simply give them the answer to the questions, as this could lead to intellectual dependence.

So your role is that of a facilitator, which you can do with the help of a few little tricks. Let’s see How to help your children with homework.

How to help your children with homework? Great tips

The first tip on How to help your children with homework is that you should only study calmly. Therefore, reserve a suitable study environment, quiet and comfortable, and preferably without television or other technological gadgets.

There must be a table and a chair that provide an ideal posture for writing, as well as appropriate lighting, so that the shadows of the hands, body, or any other objects can not interfere with the vision of the work.

Do everything in time

In addition to calm, the study should be contemplated in the expected time. The management of the study implies monitoring the execution of homework, thus establishing a routine, with time and place for studies and for school work.

However, you should not exert pressure, but do not allow the child too much time to study or perform a task, which will make your child feel fatigued and discouraged, causing aversion to school activities.

how to help your children with homework tips

Provide other sources of research

Homework is just that: homework. Thus, children should learn, first and foremost, that study and knowledge do not come only from school textbooks.

So, homework are not just about school textbooks, and you should provide your child other sources, such as books, magazines, documentaries, videos, and use the internet as well.

Oral questions and tests

So, we couldn’t not include this one on How to help your children with homework

Several studies prove that orality helps in information retention, as well as strengthening vocabulary. Therefore, you should ask the children questions, to test their learning and to encourage the formulation of appropriate answers.

If your child does not respond correctly, you should help her in reshaping the response, always in a patient and pedagogical way.

To finish, I must advise that you should never criticise your child. It is very important that you stimulate your little one, and not the contrary. Hope you find utility in this post about How to help your children with homework


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