Getting to know your kids teacher now

Getting to know your kids teacher

Getting to know your kids teacher is very important, so the student gets to know him as well. When a student has a good relationship with his teacher they can develop better, students learn better and teachers teach better as well. It´s certain that by having a worse relation kids won´t like school won´t study and teachers will find hard to get into the classroom, so it is good for both to get on well with each other.

Getting to know your kids teacher: The importance of a good relationship


It’s important that you realize that Getting to know your kids teacher, you are helping to improve your kids results.

If a teacher during his work life has the possibility to get to know his students needs and likes, talked with them about anything, feel respect and be respected, he certainly will say that he had lucky. They can even teach Latin, maths or even a worse common subject, like physic or a difficult language.Getting to know your kids teacher now

Students like to talk, and they do it inside the classroom, teachers like to talk as well, but they must teach students, so communication is vital to growing between them a serious relationship.

Some teachers will find it easy to pass the subjects and students will open their hearts to explain or tell stories about their lives with parents and family routines.

It is also very nice when a foreign teacher finds a “home” in another country when he is respected by his students and parents. And nothing is better than Getting to know your kids teacher!

I´ve once heard a teacher that worked with a complicated community in the USA, there he found a complicated and injured severed community from drugs and alcohol. Getting to know your kids teacher: help him to help

At the beginning he liked to help, but what could he do? He started to listen, and it worked. Days after, he was cared and wished by some students who found in him a nice friend.

This is not simple; some teachers like to get this in a way that sometimes they don´t get at all. It is a subject to say that lucky and psychology works together.

How can a teacher get close to a student´s heart? Is he responsible for doing it? Have teacher always the play to get close to students’ problems? I guess yes! But you need to help, that’s why it is important Getting to know your kids teacher!

We should always help each other and students need an adult to learn life matters, calm down their anxieties and learn an ordinary safe and healthy life.Getting know your kids teacher

Getting to know your kids teacher

Some parents match some tricking and interesting, curious things about what a teacher wants to know from his students. It can work! So let´s see six examples:

  • A teacher will start the year by getting to know what kind of communication the student is willing to have with him.
  • Tell him what motivates him or not at the classroom and school.
  • Share what the student is interested in, for his future, perspectives, aims, dreams…
  • Tell him the student method learning style, it can help the teacher to provide an adequate lesson.
  • Students should talk with the teacher about how is the homework going, if they do it well, find it easy, or have some challenges, such as no time, or families lack of opportunities.
  • Inform your kids teacher about health and behavioural issues that he didn´t give to the student, it can work because parents can know better than teacher about their kids!

So, after all I have said, don’t you Getting to know your kids teacher yet?

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