best fire escape route planning in schools

Fire escape route planning in schools

It’s truly important to have fire escape route planning in schools. Have them well planned, as well as resorting to simulation, can mean the success of an evacuation if a fire happens at school. You should take this into account when you are applying for a school place.  So, take a look at this post and find more about this subject. 

All schools have, or should have an evacuation plan in case of fire, as well as other emergencies such as bomb threat.

In emergency situations, it is very normal to panic, far more children, so you must have a well-organized plan not to further worsen the escape route planning in schools rules

So it is very important to do some simulations so that everyone know exactly fire escape route planning in schools and know what to do in such cases.

Fire escape route planning in schools: What to do! 


The evacuation plan is done so that teachers, students, and employees know how to react in case of fire, and know how to leave the school when there is danger in it.

There are two points that they should know very well:

  • The meeting point: that is, the place where to go to be safe.
  • The Path to Meeting Point: In other words, the way in which they have to follow to get to this meeting point. Usually, in the corridors, you will find a map with the school plan indicating which is fire escape route planning in schools. 

In the case of fire, the school alarm sounds quickly. Students should be directed to an adult, which will guide them in an orderly way, without making any noise and rushed step up to the meeting escape routes planning in schools

How to get out of the Classroom

To leave the classroom, students must form a queue. Since then they are led by the head of the queue (the student who goes ahead) and the teacher (the last person in line, and the last to leave the classroom).

When they meet in the hallway, school officials indicate what the best way to go to the meeting point.

Rules to get out of the Classroom

There are also rules for students to leave the classroom, in order to ensure their safety, and all colleagues.

  • Do not care with school supplies;
  • They must go in single file, noiselessly and along the wall;
  • They should not run but walk quickly;
  • Never stop on doors or stairs to not block the way;
  • Always follow the school official’s instructions to find the fire escape route planning in schools faster;
  • Never leave the meeting point until they say what they can do;
  • If the alarm sounds and the teacher is not in the classroom, not be waiting for him. They must leave in an orderly manner and make sure that no one is behind.
  • If a student is alone, should follow in an orderly manner to the Meeting Point, following the instructions of the staff and respecting the safety rules.

Following these rules, you ensure all kids and school staff is safe in emergency cases. And that’s why having fire escape route planning in schools is so important! 

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