know Differences between Good and Outstanding schools (OFSTED)

Differences between Good and Outstanding schools (OFSTED)

Do you know the Differences between Good and Outstanding schools (OFSTED)? There are lots of divergences in this issue. We all want the best for our kids, and in the last decade, we follow the OFSTED report so we can better school for them. But it is truly reliable? That’s what we are going to discuss here. You might also like to read our previous article about getting to know your kids teacher

Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (OFSTED) are rating agencies / external inspection of schools. appeared in 1992 after the dismantling of the Local Education Authority, an entity that was responsible for the inspection of schools to date – with the designation of Office
for Standards in Education. In 2007, it expands and is renamed to Ofsted, Children’s Services and Skills.

Now that you know what is OFSTED, let’s see how they rate schools so we can find the Differences between Good and Outstanding schools (OFSTED)

What are the Differences between Good and Outstanding schools (OFSTED)?

 know Differences between Good and Outstanding schools (OFSTED)

The objectives of the evaluation of schools by OFSTED is to promote an independent evaluation of schools, diagnosing aspects to improve; provide parents with information on the functioning of the schools, and promote data so they can choose better; provide information about the work done in schools, and whether it corresponds to acceptable standards, thus ensuring the quality of education.  Take a look at some details so you can understand the Differences between Good and Outstanding schools (OFSTED)

Conditions for evaluations

All state schools and private schools with state funding are evaluated. Schools with better results are evaluated at more spaced periods of time than those that obtained lower ratings.

Who evaluates?

Who evaluates schools are inspectors belonging to OFSTED and other Inspection Service inspectors. Each team has a Chief Inspector who is responsible for the team, contacting directly and personally with the school director, or the management representative.

External evaluation procedure

First, the Chief Inspector comes in contact with the Director (note that the visit may occur without previous notice to the school). After school is visited throughout the inspection team for two days where they observe the classes, gather community views; analyze student work and analyze the school documents.

Rating scale

After analyzing the data collected, the school may be evaluated as inadequate; Needs improvement; Good; Outstanding.

know Differences between Good and Outstanding school (OFSTED)Referents rating

They evaluate the general effectiveness; Success of students; Quality of education; Behaviour and safety of pupils; and also the quality of leadership and management.

Well, now that you know how they evaluate, let’s see the Differences between Good and Outstanding schools (OFSTED)

In the Outstanding level, teachers demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of the subjects They teach. They know exactly how their students are in each subject, using questioning highly effectively. While the Good level, they just use effective planning to help pupils learn well.

In Outstanding level, teachers plan lessons very effectively, using all available resources. The students’ behavior in class are excellent, with clear rules, and applied consistently.

But Differences between Good and Outstanding schools (OFSTED) don’t end here.

In good level, classes develop and consolidate students’ knowledge. Teachers show themselves able to intervene quickly when a student loses his income. In the Outstanding level, teachers provide adequate time for practice to embed the pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills Securely. The information is given quickly and effectively. In addition to seeing where students have doubts, they prevent  they lose their income.

The homework also is better in the Outstanding schools, which are challenging to the pupils while in the Good Schools only follow the school’s policy so kids can consolidate knowledge.

There are even more differences, but for me, these are the most important ones. Note that all the evaluated items are better in Outstanding schools than in the Good Schools. Hope I’ve helped you to find the most important Differences between Good and Outstanding schools (OFSTED)!

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