choose the right nursery

Choosing the right nursery

Choosing the right nursery can be very tough, and it is understandable. The decision is very distressful for the most parents, so we decided to give you some tips for you to choose a great nursery for your baby. To help you a little more, check our previous posts about applying for a school place and teaching respect for adults.

When choosing the nursery for your baby before you need to check some aspects. Then here are some tips for Choosing the right nursery.

Choosing the right nursery: Best Tips


Now check out the best tips so you can choose an excellent nursery for your child.

Nursery workers

As you know, taking care of a baby is not easy, so imagine what it is to take care of several babies at once.Choosing the right nursery tips

Hence, it is recommended that the nursery is at most eight children for every two teachers.

Milk dispensary

This part is essential in the nursery structure. This is where the bottles are prepared, and they should have a space for washing, sterilization and storage of the bottles.

It is also necessary that they have a breastfeeding room, with seating for moms able to breastfeed babies if they wish to.


You must pay attention to space where Cribs are. They should be a minimum of half a meter between each crib so that the nursery workers are able to run safely with children.

Note also that a room should not have more than 15 cribs, and never accommodate more than one child in the crib.


When Choosing the right nursery, you must pay attention to the place where the babies sleep. You must have curtains to control the natural light, and that the environment becomes comfortable.

Small detailsChoosing right nursery

You must also pay attention to small details. For example, the sockets must be protected with plastic covers, or they must be out of reach of children. The edges of the furniture, they must also be protected with silicone, or round shaped, without being pointed ends.

Note if the ceilings, walls, and floors are clean, and the material used is suitable for cleaning.

Safe play

Ensure that all the toys available in the nursery are suitable for the age of children that are using when you are Choosing the right nursery.

It is important to pay attention to this detail because your child will also play with these toys.choose the right nursery

See if there are broken toys, or old. If there are, that’s not a good start. Having small parts that can be swallow for the babies, they are totally prohibited.

All toys must be properly sanitized with 70% alcohol, about 4 to 5 times daily.

Also, note that stuffed animals or other toys fabric are out of the question. This is because they can not be cleaned properly, opening doors to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

As you see, there are many things that you need to check before choosing a nursery. Pay special attention to cleanliness, staff, and security when Choosing the right nursery.

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