best Childcare options for working parents

Childcare options for working parents

There are several Childcare options for working parents in the UK, In this post we are going to talk about daycare center, home daycare, nanny care. Have a look and find the best childcare option for you. Also, have a look at our previous posts about choosing the right nursery and top 5 things to know when choosing a school

Finding a quality childcare can be a real challenge for parents. When parents return to work, this is undoubtedly a major concern. After all, we need to leave our children with someone trustworthy, who we know that they will take care of our son as if he were their son .

The best thing to do is to start your search as soon as your child is born. This requires time, and the first trimester starts to run.

Childcare options for working parents in the UK


We are going to have a look at 3 Childcare options for working parents. See the pros and cons of each one, and then decide what is the best option for you. Childcare options for working parents UK

Daycare center

They have a cost that ranges from $ 380 to $ 1,564 a month for babies and toddlers.

Daycare centers are more affordable than nannies, are inspected frequently, ie they are unreliable. They have health knowledge, which means you do not have to run to the hospital for anything.

Children learn to socialize with other children and adults, and also has a team of professionals trained in early childhood education.

However, remember that educators are responsible for more than one child. These centers are also difficult to find and secure a place can not be an easy task.

In these places, infants and children usually get sick more times, and most centers do not provide care for sick children.

One of the disadvantages of these Childcare options for working parents is that they close most school Childcare options for working parents

Home Daycare

The cost of this service ranges from $ 300 to $ 1,000 a month for babies and toddlers and between $ 315 to $ 956 a month for preschoolers.

These spaces have a more familiar environment, with a small group of children, which ensures socialization with other children of the same age. They are also cheaper than daycare centers.

Children get sick more easily, as in daycare centers. The problem is that usually, they do not have specialized staff in early childhood education. They are also without caregiver supervision.

As they have less stringent requirements licensing, it’s hard to know if they are well delivered. These also close during holidays and vacations.Childcare option for working parents

Nanny Care

This is another Childcare options for working parents. The cost ranges from $ 500 to $ 700 a week, more expensive than the previous ones, but ensures that your child has a more personalized service.

Usually, nannies are more flexible in schedules, and can work during school vacations. Furthermore, you also ensure that your child is in a familiar environment.

However, remember that there is nobody to supervise their work, and socialization with other children is very low. Also, remember that they also get sick. And those times you will have to find an alternative to other Childcare options for working parents.

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