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The importance of sports in schools

The importance of sports in schools is greater than you might be thinking. Sport should be in children’s lives every day, but unfortunately, this does not happen to all of them. And so the school has a crucial role in respect to ensuring the minimum active life for the kids. As kids love sports, check this article about sports parties for kids, and also take a look at our previous article about  the importance of PE at school and scooting your way to school. Continue reading The importance of sports in schools

Importance of PE at school

it is undeniable the importance of PE at school. Most probably more than half of the children have no physical activity, and therefore even more important is the school provide this type of class. Physical activity is essential to keep our bodies healthy, including children. The full development of the body requires, in fact, enough physical activity. So it is very important that we guarantee that our children practice some sport. Continue reading Importance of PE at school