applying for a school place uk

Applying for a school place

When there comes the time of chosen a good school for your kid, where should we start? How to applying for a school place? Looking for a place in a school for your kid can take your nerves off, this isn´t simple. The tip is to look as soon as possible because as it is hard as there´s a need to put your child in a list around six months before and wait for a place for him.

How to applying for a school place


If you are applying for a school place, you should know that in the UK, there are Public schools and independent schools which are fee-payed. The institutional school called mainstream state schools are free for children from 5 to 16 years old. In these ones the government pays almost everything like exams, books, trips around and a parent pay the uniform, sports clothes and other materials like musical instruments to learn music and longer stay in longer trips around the UK.applying for a school place in the uk

For poorer families, there´s much help and affords like free meals, tax reliefs. A citizen advice bureau near you can help you giving all information about this.

The educational system in the UK is divided into two groups, the primary school (from 5 to 11 years old ) and the secondary school ( from 11 to 17 or 18 years old ). The education is required, and each parent has to look after the best they can do and afford. Each parent is as well responsible for guaranteeing the present of their child every day at school and that their child comes every day at school on time. Parents who don’t help children to come on time might have to talk with the British justice!applying for a school place in uk

To make sure about applying for a school place, you still have to know that every school follows the national CV, like history, math’s, English, science, technology, information and communication, geography, foreign languages, arts, music, gym, physics…

The law says that the religion education is allowed at school although parents can take off their children from these classes. The public religion is Christianism, however, there´s others religions as well, existing in the country.

For children that English isn´t their mother tongue, the UK supplies extra classes for them. For children with 14 years old, the school helps to advise their future career. This is important when you are applying for a school place.applying for a school place uk

Every school has both sex but there are some which follow the Victorian style that separates boys from girls.

SO, in conclusion, parents should inscribe their child’s in school six to twelve months before starting school. For primary school, there is advisable to in script their child at the fourth anniversary. With four years old, in Great Britain, children go to reception classes, which prepare for the primary school.

If the time goes, parents can lose the chance of their child enter a better or appropriated school for their child. The priority is given for who lives near the school, but this doesn´t always work as each school has their rules.

Talk with the neighbours and so on and with Ofsted, the British schools are at your disposal on the internet. After chosen three or four schools, parents should take a visit and talk with teachers, to question on materials uniforms, and so on to applying for a school place.

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